What do you make houses from?

Our company specializes in modular construction. Aztech Group houses are made of high quality steel.
Thermal insulation is PUR closed-cell foam, which is characterized by a very good coefficient
heat conduction. We use plasterboard to finish the interiors, and the external façade is selected
individually to customer requirements (façade panels, sintered quartz, seam sheet, thin-layer plaster)./p>

Do you carry out individual projects?

Yes. If you have not found a product on our website that satisfies you and you have your own idea – let me know!
We will be happy to discuss it with you and prepare the appropriate documentation. We carry out projects for both smaller investors,
developers, large international companies and individuals.

Are your homes safe?

Yes! Our constructions are designed by experienced architects. We meet all European building standards.

What can I heat the house with?

We will choose the method of heating the house to the individual needs of the investor. Due to the growing energy problems
we recommend installing renewable energy sources RES systems (heat pump + photovoltaics). The houses are also adapted
for traditional heating sources such as gas heating in combination with underfloor heating, infrared heating
or air conditioning systems with heating function (SPLIT).

What is the price per m2?

The price depends on many factors: the complexity of the project, heating system, interior finishing,
equipment. For details, please contact the sales department.

Where can I see Aztech Group homes?

Our headquarters is located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle (47-220, Opolskie, Poland) at 70 Powstańców Street.
Find us on the maps and make an appointment using the contact form.


What is the ordering process?

The ordering process is fast and transparent. Everything is described in detail in the GUIDE tab.

How long does it take to produce a house?

The production of the Aztech Group home takes from 10 to 14 weeks.

Do you charge an advance payment for the order?

Yes. The first fee is charged in the form of an advance payment for the order. The amount is fixed during
signing a preliminary contract and depends on the value of the investment.

Does the house have a warranty?

Of course. The structure of the building has a 40-year warranty. Finishing elements and equipment (windows, doors,
blinds, railings, etc.) are covered by a guarantee in accordance with EU regulations (at least two years). Our customers
receive lifetime support from our team.

Will you prepare the foundations for the house?

No. The investor is obliged to make the foundations on his own, in accordance with our guidelines.
The contractor, after recognizing your ground conditions, will choose the right type of foundation.

What documents do I need for a building permit?

Different documents are needed for a building permit, depending on the place of investment.
The basic documents are building plans, static calculations and energy certificate.

How much does a set of basic documents cost?

Building plans, energy certificate and standard visualization are not subject to additional charges.
You will receive them after reporting to our office. The remaining documentation is issued on the basis of a preliminary agreement.

Do you fulfill orders throughout Europe?

Yes. Our company can deliver products throughout the continent.

Can I get exclusivity for a given model?

We do not offer exclusivity on our products.

Will I get a discount for large orders?

Yes. Depending on the size of the order, our seller will give the appropriate discount.

Do you organize the delivery and assembly of the house?

Transport and assembly are in our offer. The costs will be described in the individual offer.
It is possible to organize your own transport and unloading.