What does the order process look like?

Contrary to appearances, ordering your home in whole is not so difficult. If you are ready to carry out the investment contact our office and we will help you through the whole process.


01 Browse offers


Are you interested in buying a modular home? Familiarize yourself with our offer in the OFFER tab. In it you will find all the information you need about a particular model. We also encourage you to check the other tabs, to get to know our company better. If you browse third-party proposals or have your own project, be sure to save all photos and information – this will be useful in customizing the model especially for you!


02 Contact the office


If you have already chosen your model and want to know more details – write or call! You can also use from the CONTACT tab and fill in the form. Our specialist will answer all your questions and present a detailed offer. Be sure to write down his number and e-mail address, he will be in touch with you throughout the order process.


03 Preparation of documents


Prepare all documents that contain information about your new home and plot. Location location, The size of the area and any additional requirements and comments will be very useful to speed up the order process.
Check if your area is not located in seismic areas and whether it is possible to get there by heavy transport. Investigate the location of your plot in terms of climatic loads (e.g. snow load). For documents you can attach illustrative photos of models that arouse your interest and home furnishings, that you would like to get. You will also get a preliminary contract from us, which you can read before signing, to exclude all ambiguities.


04 Meeting in the company / Videoconference


Take a set of documents with you to a meeting in our company. We will show you around our hall, you will get to know our team and you will see our products. We will arrange another meeting or, if at this stage you are determined to cooperate, We will sign the contract and prepare all the documents you will need to complete the formalities related to the building permit and organization of the building site. If you do not have time to travel, Everything can be determined remotely.


05 Projects and visualizations


After paying the advance payment, you will receive from us the drawings needed to obtain a building permit (building plans, cross-sections, elevations). In addition, static calculations and an energy certificate will be required, which you will also receive from us. We will also prepare a description of the preparation of the foundations and a set of 3D visualizations. At this stage, we will determine the exact the appearance and furnishings of your home. You will get an offer with a description and the exact price of all elements.


06 Building permit


Now it’s all in your hands. You must report to the relevant authorities in your area with our documents, to obtain the necessary permits. Once you have dealt with official matters, prepare the foundations and organize the necessary supplies for the reception and assembly of the house – everything will be described in our contract. At this stage, we will determine the preliminary date of production and delivery of your order.


07 Production and delivery


If the formalities are taken care of and the deadlines are set – we start production! Your house will be built in stages, and you will receive information, photos and videos of their course on a regular basis. If you want to see One of the stages of production with your own eyes, we cordially invite you to our headquarters! Your house will be ready from 10 to 14 weeks from the start of production. Then it will be delivered in a predetermined manner to the place of assembly.


08 Assembly


Our team will pick up your home on site, set it on the foundations and prepare it for use. Minor interior corrections, installation of the external façade, installation of standard and additional equipment are on our side. Connection points for plumbing and electrical installations will be prepared according to the project. Connecting them on site is on the side of your electrician and plumber.


09 Warranty


This is your home! We hope that it will serve you as you dreamed. Remember that all problems You can report to us by e-mail, phone or in person at the company’s headquarters. The house has a minimum two-year warranty, and you have every right to ask us for help and ask questions as long as you need it.


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